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Handbags are an essential part of every modern woman’s life. Today, there are a lot of different kinds of handbags in the market, that come in different styles. You have a variety of choices available, making sure that there will always be a handbag no matter what fashion mood you are in.

The Uses of Handbags

Handbags today are a part of a woman’s fashion statement. As simple as they are, these bags can turn heads for different reasons. They will either let people admire the person or make a frowned face for an awful handbag choice.

Handbags are not only used for pairing it with a woman’s stylish dress. They are also important that let you carry all of your personal belongings and other important stuff conveniently. You can stuff it with your wallet, identification cards, keys, makeup essentials, mobile devices, and even medicines! Since handbags serve different functions, you need to be very particular when buying them.

How to Choose Your Handbags

With all the options available, you might think that it’s easy to shop for a handbag. Unfortunately, this is anywhere near true. The fact that there are different styles to choose from, it could get overwhelming for some people.

For instance, you’ve finally set up your mind to go for this kind of style. Then, you noticed another handbag that although not as stylish, but is cheaper and has more storage. Now, you’re confused which you’ll choose. Should you go with function? Or the appearance which you were rooting for in the first place?

If ever you get stuck in this kind of situation, here are the factors you need to consider when getting a handbag:

– Durability
– Purpose
– Style
– Color
– Storage
– Affordability

Durability – Always go with handbags that are durable enough to last long. You might find handbags out there that are really cheap, but with low-quality. Some might think this is okay as they won’t be using the bag as often anyway. However, this kind of thinking is really wrong.

You should always go with durability. It’s never practical to keep buying things since they won’t last long, even for a really low price. Instead of repeatedly buying cheap handbags, go for those that are really durable. It won’t matter if they’ll cost a bit more as long as you’re confident that your handbag would likely lost really long even with repeated use.

Purpose – The next factor you should consider is the purpose why you’re buying the handbag. Where are you going to use it? Are you going to use it for work? For going a party? Are you looking for something you could store all your essentials when going out with friends or doing groceries?

Style – Your handbag style will speak a lot about you. So choose the bag that you think would best represent yourself. Next, if you’re going to use it for a party or important event, make sure that it compliments the theme. For example, don’t use an office bag when going to a wedding. An office bag might have a lot of storage, but it would not compliment your entire outfit.

Color – It’s a must that you really think about what color you’ll pick for your handbag. A lot of women prefer black, white, and brown. This is because these colors can match a variety of styles and other colors. They will probably match every outfit you’re going to wear.

If you’ll be using your handbag to go on a vacation, particularly on a beach, you can go with other bright colors to match it to the setting. For example, you can get floral bags so you could pair it with your brand new swimming wear as well!

However, if you’re going to use it in the office, you should definitely go with black, gray, and brown. They look professional and they make women appear elegant and fierce.

Storage – Storage is another important thing you need to consider. If you’re planning to use the handbag casually, then go for something that has enough space. Don’t bring a small handbag as it would be difficult for you to store everything you’ll need, like keys, smartphone, wallet, etc. Make sure they’ll have enough space as forcing them in a tiny bag will cause strain to it and might lead to early damage.

Affordability – When we say affordability, it doesn’t directly mean you’re going to buy low-cost handbags. Always choose those with high-quality to ensure you can use them every day without worrying that the strap might fall off or the zipper won’t close.

Having designer bags is a dream for most women. You can buy one or two if you’re trying to budget. You could definitely get more if you have a lot of funds. However, it’s not really a must to have one. You can still choose more affordable bags that have the same style. With this said, don’t go overboard by purchasing fake versions of the bags. They are surely low-cost, but they are illegal.

The Different Types of Handbags

Satchel – The satchel is the perfect handbag for working women. They are stylish and come with a lot of storage. It has rooms for your smartphone, wallet, and other important things you need to bring in the office daily.

Shoulder Bag – The shoulder bag is your perfect everyday handbag. You can use it everywhere you go, like going out with your family, attending a lunch date with colleagues, going to the library, and so much more!

Sling Bag – The sling bag is comfortable and casual. It’s also convenient to carry as you’ll simply hang it across your body. It is perfect when you need your hands to be free but still keep your belongings secured, like attending to your kids, traveling, and doing the groceries.

Clutch – The clutch is the perfect handbag to bring during formal and special events. It is simple, classy, beautiful, and of course, elegant!

Hobo Bag – The hobo bag looks like a shoulder bag but narrower. You can use them on your casual walks like doing chores and meeting friends over lunch.

Beach Bag This is perfect when you’re going on a vacation. Many of these bags are stylish and waterproof, making them ideal to bring when going to the beach, pool, and lake.

Wristlet – The wristlet is somewhat the same with the wallet, except it’s more convenient to bring. As the name implies, you can let them hang on your wrist while walking. You can store here your IDs, smartphone, and some cash.

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